RDT Quality Refrigeration Systems

By December 23, 2014
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RDT Quality Refrigeration Systems – RDT is an independent, family-owned company with over 40 years experience in the refrigeration industry.

Refrigeration Design Technologies, or RDT, continues to provide the foodservice industry with best-in-class refrigeration rack systems, advanced refrigeration monitoring devices and intuitive defrost control systems. Their goal is to provide the most dependable quality components, the most innovative and energy-conscious designs, and to provide the best customer service experience for our many consultants, dealers and end-users.

Refrigeration Design Technologies (RDT) designs and builds a wide array of quality, intuitive, energy-saving refrigeration systems suitable for use in numerous applications. Their systems reduce the impact of site development on our natural environment and improve energy efficiency and reduce the impact on our atmosphere. Their systems improve indoor environmental quality and increase innovation and improve the design process. Many of our systems improve energy efficiency by as much as 40% and diminish a key contributor to the global warming process by reducing refrigerant volumes by 50%.

Eaton Marketing is honored to supply the RDT systems throughout the state of Florida.   Please contact us for more information.

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