Pinellas County Schools Warehouse Project


Eaton Marketing Success Story

Together with Eaton Marketing & Associates and Thermo Kool, the Pinellas County Schools Warehouse Project was a huge success – in more than one way.


Pinellas County Schools is the seventh-largest in the state and the 26th-largest in the nation. Being the largest employer in Pinellas County with 17,000 staff and serving nearly 104,000 pre-K through 12th-grade students, they have a lot of mouths to feed.

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PCS was dealing with an 18 year old walk-in for storage and production that leaked and became a serious safety hazard.  PCS needed a custom walk-in solution to be able to store and prepare food for their in-school and after-school programs.


Together with Thermo Kool, Eaton Marketing assisted with the design and specification layers of a custom walk-ins buildout. Back last year, four members from Pinellas County Schools were invited to go to the Thermo Kool factory for a tour of their operation. Thermo Kool engineers prepared drawings that best fit the application for which Pinellas County Schools was looking. The project assembly was completed in October of 2013 and will increase the overall productivity of the student nutrition department exponentially.

Pinellas County Schools Warehouse Project   Pinellas County Schools Warehouse Project

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