Professional mixers for bakeries, kitchens, food production lines and the pharmaceutical industry. 


Strong as a Bear

Varimixer makes equipment designed to last for years. Mixers that can handle hard work, every day, in bakeries, kitchens, food production lines and the pharmaceutical industry. For production on any scale.

It is a tradition of innovation. A tradition of product development based on in-depth knowledge of the needs and daily routines of users, and user-driven innovation at the cutting edge. The result is professional mixers that take responsibility for ergonomics, hygiene and easy cleaning.



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Maximizing Commercial Kitchen Performance with the Varimixer ERGO

Designed with the demanding environment of commercial kitchens in mind, the Varimixer ERGO sets a new standard in efficiency and ease of use. It seamlessly integrates ergonomic design, intuitive touchscreen controls, and advanced programmability to revolutionize food preparation processes.

Up Your Sandwich Game with Varimixer and Globe

When you run a restaurant or food service company, you know that there is one menu category that has something for everyone — sandwiches. Whether it's turkey and Swiss cheese or pastrami and provolone, sandwiches tend to appeal to even the pickiest customers. Sandwiches make a great meal any time of day. Of course, it needs to be a really amazing sandwich.

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