Cooler Concepts

By November 3, 2016
Cooler Concepts Custom Beer Cooler Shelving

Cooler Concepts is the world leader of custom designed beer cooler shelving. Consultants have used their 20 years of cooler experience and products to benefit some of the Bar Industry’s largest and smallest projects.


For almost 20 years now, Cooler Concepts has been helping solve all types of storage needs for the Bar Industry. Their list of customers is extensive and quite broad, ranging from mom and pop bars to national chain restaurants, stadiums and arenas, and everything else in between. With each new design they continue to improve our solutions, enhance our existing products and create innovative new shelving to accomplish things a catalog shelf does not have the ability to do.

Cooler Concepts provides each individual project with:

  • – An analysis of need and budget
  • – Individualized design and layout
  • – Up to date industry knowledge
  • – The safest and most efficient custom beer shelving system available

Their full-service approach, extensive knowledge of the Draft Beer marketplace and experience allows them to provide the best custom beer shelving system period.

The products at Cooler Concepts are the strongest shelves on the market for use in a walk-in beer cooler. This includes solutions for:

  • – Keg Storage
  • – Case Storage
  • – Beverage Panels
  • – Auxiliary Storage

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