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Kevin Eaton


Did you know?
Kevin is an owner at Crooked Thumb Brewery in Safety Harbor. Be sure to stop by some time for a pint!




Randy Souza

Vice President

Did you know?

Randy is an absolute master griller. Don’t believe us? Just check out his social media feeds, and prepare yourself for hunger pains.




Bob Saraceno

Director of Sales

Did you know?
Bob works with Circle of Friends, an inclusive program designed to support people with special needs.








Lauren Alderman Joel

Inside Dealer Sales

Did you know?
Lauren grew up shooting pool and playing against her dad and brother. She also competes in Open Pool Tournaments every once in a while.



Kevin Dillon

West Coast / Central Florida Sales

Did you know?
Kevin is an avid runner who enjoys racing in mud runs, obstacle races, and the occasional marathon. How’s that for a Saturday?



Chef Rick Pawlak

Corporate Chef

Did you know?
Sometimes we actually let Chef Rick out of the kitchen. On the weekend, it’s safe to say you can find him on a baseball or softball field with his wife and two kids!


Alberto Soddu

South Florida Sales

Did you know?
Alberto lived in Genoa, Italy – the birthplace for pesto sauce – for almost ten years. He has the original recipe for pesto sauce, which is served with boiled green beans and potatoes.



George Van Riper

South Florida Sales

Did you know?
George conducts a lot of industry research, both at home and in the field. You can follow his food and beverage adventures on Instagram.



Chef Matt McMeekin

South Florida Corporate Chef

Did you know?
For fun, Chef Matt loves family BBQs, watching his kids play lacrosse, and hanging out at the awesome beaches in South Florida.





Jeff Flowers

Draft Beer Specialist

727-531-0899 x: 207


Alexander Gonzalez

Healthcare, College/University, Halton Hoods Specialist


Johani Hernandez

Customer Support/Quoting

727-531-0899 x: 208

Donna Ray

Order Processing

727-531-0899 x: 203

Rosemarie Troina

Inside Sales

727-531-0899 x: 216

Ryan Zabel

Inside Sales

727-531-0899 x: 224


Kay Eaton


727-531-0899 x: 202

Jerry Farnum

National Chain Support

727-531-0899 x: 211

Liz Farrar


727-531-0899 x: 223

Kelli Flowers

Customer Support

727-531-0899 x: 201

Alexandra Maisel

National Chain Support

727-531-0899 x: 222

Danny Richardson


727-531-0899 x: 206

Kelsey Souza

Media Specialist



Kirsten Eggert

Service Coordinator

727-531-0899 x: 205

Kari Rinehart

CRM Specialist

727-531-0899 x: 215