Commercial-grade refrigeration, underbar and beverage dispensing equipment that are leaders in the foodservice industry.


taking bar and beverage equipment to new heights

Perlick is a leading manufacturer of commercial-grade refrigeration, underbar, and beverage dispensing equipment that revolutionized the manufacturing of beverage and bar equipment to help Florida restaurant owners maximize their potential and their profits.

Whether it’s wine storage, cocktail stations, beer systems, or your entire bar, Perlick has the bar and beverage solutions for you.



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Elevating the Wine Experience with the Perlick Wine Column

Typically, when people think of wine, they imagine flowing French vineyards or California's Napa Valley. However, there's a new region that is making waves and turning heads. Florida is becoming a major player in the industry, giving established wineries a run for their money.

Crafting an Efficient Outdoor Commercial Bar: 5 Easy Ways to Success

Running a restaurant bar requires a high level of precision, craftwork, and efficiency. There are multiple pieces that need to be in place to ensure that drinks are served quickly and at the right temperature. When done correctly, an outdoor bar can be a brilliant way to offer a unique experience. Taking that guest experience outdoors helps to increase sales and make customers, especially those who are on vacation or celebrating a special occasion, happy.

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