Commercial-grade refrigeration, underbar and beverage dispensing equipment that are leaders in the foodservice industry.


taking bar and beverage equipment to new heights

Perlick is a leading manufacturer of commercial-grade refrigeration, underbar, and beverage dispensing equipment that revolutionized the manufacturing of beverage and bar equipment to help Florida restaurant owners maximize their potential and their profits.

Whether it’s wine storage, cocktail stations, beer systems, or your entire bar, Perlick has the bar and beverage solutions for you.



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Labor and Profitability from Hotels to Restaurants

Being a hospitality or catering foodservice professional isn’t just a career. It’s a passion. Even when hotels are more crowded post-pandemic, hospitality and catering businesses are trying to appeal to customers while streamlining labor.

What Makes a Perlick Beer System Better Than the Competition?


You have choices for your beer systems. And in the Florida heat, it's even more important to keep your beer cold as it runs from the keg to the glass. There are a wide range of companies and manufacturers that provide beer systems, but what makes a Perlick beer system better than the competition?

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