Pitco is an industry leader in design, research, and delivering new ideas for frying with products including ROV fryers, oil filtration, and water cookers.


Offering the best equipment for fried foods & more

In 1918, Pitco’s goal was to offer a simple, reliable piece of kitchen machinery for professional frying. For over 80 years, Pitco has designed equipment that makes it easier for their customers to offer the best in fried foods. Pitco has been an industry leader in design, research, and delivering new ideas for frying.



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    The Festive Flavors of Holiday Fried Foods

    The holidays are approaching, which means chefs are planning delicious menus that will delight their guests and create a memorable dining experience. And while many associate classic holiday foods turkey, ham, or green beans, incorporating fried foods into the menu not only satisfies customers but is also a part of some holiday traditions.

    The Key Benefits of Using a Pitco Solstice Fryer in Your Florida Kitchen

    Having a reliable fryer is an important component of any successful restaurant or foodservice operation that's serving up our favorite crispy comfort foods. If your foodservice business is new to frying, or if you're ready to upgrade your equipment, Pitco's Electric Solstice Fryers and Gas Solstice Fryers feature groundbreaking technology that make it all possible to have consistently delicious fried foods when you need them the most. 

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