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Commercial cooking & warming equipment including ventless cooking and hoods, induction ranges, warmers, griddles, fryers, and refrigeration.

Wells manufacturing

Recognized Commercial Cooking & Warming Equipment

Wells products can be found nationally and internationally in establishments ranging from family-owned restaurants to giant fast-food chains and hotels.

Wells Universal Ventless Systems give you the option to use almost any commercial electric cooking equipment such as ovens, deep-fat fryers, ranges, griddles, hot plates, rethermalzers, woks, steamer, combi, induction and more!



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A Closer Look at Wells Universal Ventless Hood Systems

There are a ton of reasons to go ventless in a commercial kitchen. It works great in limited spaces. It requires no buildout. Permitting is easier. And ultimately, it's more cost effective. But what is it about Wells Universal Ventless Hood Systems, and what types of ventless cooking options are available?

The Ultimate Griddle Selection Guide for Commercial Foodservice Operations

Whether you're a school cafeteria in Florida that's cooking scrambled eggs for breakfast or a food truck along the beach that serves up that perfect cheeseburger in paradise, a commercial griddle is almost always part of the equation.

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